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Dillehay Management Group is dedicated to a series of operating principles in the management of each of its clients and strictly adheres to the Code of Ethics put forth by both the Georgia and American Societies of Association Executives. At Dillehay Management, we work within a number of strong operating principles that include:

  • Recognizing the unique missions, goals, structures and needs of each of our clients
  • Operating ethically and in compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Accurately representing ourselves and our team members' expertise, experience, credentials and services to the public
  • Managing all fiduciary responsibilities and accounts in compliance with the rules and regulations as set forth by the Financial Accounting Standards Board
  • Entering into contracts with each client that will clearly state all services to be provided, fees and billing procedures, and termination aspects of the contracts, at a minimum
  • Ensuring that all team members are certified and qualified to provide services to our clients
  • Investigating and avoiding all potential conflicts of interest in their representation of clients

In addition, we at Dillehay Management Group take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously. We protect our clients and our own integrity by maintaining bonding insurance and comprehensive insurance coverage. We ensure the integrity and confidentiality of each client's relationship with our legal counsel.

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“DMGCME hit the ball out of the park! I will attend as many of your conferences as possible!”

— Linda Jane Webster Stevenson, ARNP-C, PA-C, Sebring, FL

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